Scanning Type :bi-directional – CCD
CPU :ARM 32-bit Cortex
Light Source : 650 nm visual laser diode
Indication :Buzzer & LED
Resolution :5 mil; Decoding speed:200 scans/sec
Scanning Width :35cm
Scanning Angle :Skew ± 60°,Pitch angle ± 65°
Anti-inference :industrial lighting or sun will not make any difference
Decoding Capability:UPC/EAN、with complementary UPC/EAN、
Code128、Code39、Code 39Full ASCII、Coda bar、industrial
/Interleaved 2 of 5、Code93、MSI、Code11、ISBN、ISSN、China Post
Button Life :500,000 times
Laser Life :10000 hours
Comm Distance : 60 M indoor , 100 M Outdoor
Drop Test :2 M fall to concrete
Interface : USB
Certificate :CE,FCC,RoHS,BIS